For the little anecdote, you should know that Marlène Dietrich herself called it “the most beautiful casino in the world”. It is an establishment that has 250 years of history and as such happens to be Germany’s casino with the richest tradition. But before presenting it to you, let’s take a little tour around this city, in order to make you discover the places which shelter this complex of plays.


Baden-Baden is a German city, which is part of the district of Karlsruhe and the Mittlerer Oberrhein urban area and which is located in the Land of Baden-Württemberg. If the city is famous among curists, it is mainly because it is particularly known as a resort and spa. But it is also very popular for its many international festivals that it organizes on site. Known worldwide in 1997 when it won the coveted title of Olympic City awarded by the International Olympic Committee, it will then see its population climb with more than 54,000 inhabitants recorded to date.

Baden-Baden then turned to more bourgeois tourism, notably welcoming several prestigious stores over the years. We therefore find classy upscale boutiques such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gucci or even Dior and Rolex … sumptuous prestigious boutiques which are all located in the city center on Sophienstrasse, an avenue leading from the “Kurhaus” casino, which we will then go to talk to you, and which continues to the thermal baths of Caracalla. This avenue called Sophienstrasse is in fact quite often referred to as the city’s “Champs-Élysées” or “Croisette”.

A well placed casino

Although many luxury hotels such as the Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa or the Dorint are present in the city and particularly frequented, it is because of its casino that the city is mainly nicknamed “the Monte-Carlo of the Forest. Noire ”or“ German Monaco ”. We can hardly imagine a city better placed to accommodate this kind of establishment, while the price of real estate is also very high, going up to 5,000 euros per m².

But Baden-Baden has one of the highest rates of wealthy residents. Indeed, we know that the city has the highest rate of millionaires and multimillionaires in Germany, which makes the casino happy. There is indeed 1 millionaire for 30 inhabitants and the city is in fact in fourth position of the city with the highest rate in terms of fortunes in Europe, after Monaco, Zurich and Geneva.

You should know that in 2015, for example, the city had nearly 1,800 millionaires, including 900 German millionaires. Baden-Baden thus ranks as the first city in Germany to the number of millionaires per capita. But who are these millionaires you will ask us? Well, this wealthy population is mainly made up of Germans. But among this population, however, we find a high concentration of Russians and Ukrainians, as nearly 10% of the city’s real estate is in fact owned by Russians. On this occasion, it is interesting to note that we also find the Fabergé museum in Baden-Baden. We also find descendants of the German and Austrian nobility among these great fortunes, but also personalities from television, cinema, singers.

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